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Simple Acts And Bumblebee Attacks

In my formative years I had always been a very sociable and active online gamer, losing countless hours in gems such as Counterstrike, Team Fortress, Guild Wars and of course, World of Warcraft. Not so much for the games themselves, but for the interaction with other people sharing similar passions.

Then, “It” happened; Meeting the new partner, the mortgage, weekends spent at home rather than down the pubs and clubs, and the kids coming along for the ride. Oh, and not forgetting the cats.  

I don’t regret a minute of the life events that followed, but gaming suddenly, and quite rightfully, took a dive.  Not the graceful dives associated with Olympic swimmers into crystal clear pools, I’m talking arse first into a lagoon of sludge and no life vest in sight. The PC went to make space is the spare bedroom, the XBOXs were packed away, funds were diverted to support the growing family needs and I was relegated to Words With Friends, Angry Birds or some other twaddle on my iPad. If I was very very lucky, I’d cram maybe two hours in on a game each month on my DS.

Fast-track a few years and I find myself blessed with a great family, and the kids (now five and six) begin to show interest in video games.  

“Dad, what’s Grand Theft Auto?” asked my lad on the walk home after school one day.

Soon after that exchange, I decided that maybe Nintendo would be the more suitable introductory platform, given my healthy upbringing with Mario, Fox McCloud and Kirby, as a wee nipper. That, and the fact that Kirby would not say “f*** you, mother f*****” before inhaling you.

The old SNES was unpacked, the Gameboys were dusted off and the Wii reclaimed pride of place beneath the TV.  The kids were hooked and I fell back in love with Nintendo again.

Shortly after this, the Switch was announced, and the wife and I knew we were splashing out on a Day One console with Zelda.  What a combination to launch with, it couldn’t fail! Well, it better not given the cost…

Sure enough, we were blown away and Breath Of The Wild became our biggest time sink of 2017, but I still yearned for that online interaction and to be able to talk and play the games I loved so much with others who had the same passions. The wife enjoyed her games, but not to the level as myself and it could prove difficult to strike up a conversation on the subject.

I had a look across various forums trying to locate UK based Nintendo groups to link up with.  There were some, but none that seemed to have consistent engagement. I found a great community over the pond in the States, but to enjoy a good game with them meant I had to start a game at 01:00 and be as quiet as a mouse for fear of backlash should I wake anyone up.

Then, early 2018, I stumbled across a podcast featuring two Scousers enjoying the craic over a little console that was fast becoming my favourite in many a year.  They had the banter, they had my warped sense of humour but overall, they had passion in droves.  My commutes to and from work suddenly became interesting, and I longed for the next fortnight to pass for the next show to release.  I was happy to be marooned on Switch Island for that hour or so each episode,

The next several months of podcasts passed by in a whirlwind of activities. New hosts joined the show, we glimpsed the (now legendary) wallpaper in Dan’s recording studio, Desert Island Discs was born and we bore witness to the greatest autumnal bumblebee attack ever recorded.

During this time, I found myself chatting with this motley crew through Twitter, and to my surprise, they didn’t tell me to jog on, but encouraged interactions – they would probably say differently now though!

Fuelled by my belief in this community, I offered assistance to setup a Discord hub for the group.  A way to bring together all the fantastic people out there who felt the same as myself and the guys behind the show.  A simple act, but one which encompassed my love for the show ands its crew along with my love of social gaming, but more importantly one that led to me being included in the Island’s journey going forward. An act I am both humbled by and incredibly proud to be part of.

So, if you’ve read this far, you’re probably wondering why I wrote this? As I say, I’m social, and I find to get the most benefit from any endeavour to to be clear and open from the outset (just don’t expect me to disclose bank details). In doing so, it promotes trust and encourages approachability.  

So with that being said, please feel free to message me, email me, chat in Discord and come enjoy a good game with me.  Join in and pay this forward to others around here and before you know it we will have one of the most engaged and passionate communities going.

Welcome to the Island everyone.

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