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Rainbite’s Reverie – The Switch Island Interview

Reverie, the nostalgia-filled hark-back to the glory days of the SNES is developed by New Zealand studio Rainbite. I took time to sit down and discuss the game, its influences and how the relationship with Eastasiasoft was founded. 

Q: Hi, welcome to Switch Island, could you possibly start by telling us a bit about yourself and Rainbite?

A: Hey! I’m Tom, one of the three members here at Rainbite. I handle the social media, marketing, world/level design, and have a hand in game design. I spend the majority of my time in-engine placing assets and creating the game worlds. The three of us generally do a bit of everything but those are the aspects I focus on. The other two have their own disciplines, Jared does the majority of the programming, and Daniel does the majority of the art.  

Q: Have you been pleased with Reverie sales on the Nintendo switch, a lot of developers state that the switch has been a success when compared to other platforms?

A: We’re pleased with every sale we make. Switch sales have been solid, and the physical editions we had done from Eastasiasoft helped as well. Comparatively, the early sales of the Switch has been the same if not a little better than both PS Vita and PS4 combined

Q: Why do you believe Indie games are so at home on the Nintendo Switch?

A: The concept of the console is great for indies. Portable consoles are great for travel, whether it’s long journeys via plane or just transit into work. Indies typically offer shorter experiences which is perfect for travel as well. They go hand in hand really. 

Q: What Nintendo games played a part in inspiring Reverie?

A: The Legend of Zelda series, Earthbound/Mother, and Star Tropic are the main inspirations. There is inspiration from many other games as well but those are the main three.

Q: I noticed a distinct Earthbound vibe, any big fans on the team ?

A: Our artist is a fan of Earthbound, the other two have never played it!

Q: How did you find transitioning from The PlayStation Vita to the Nintendo Switch in terms of development?

A: It was great! We developed Reverie specifically for the Vita, so it was optimized quite well for lesser hardware. Porting to the Switch didn’t take long so we added more stuff to the Sweet As edition because we had extra time and wanted to give players more things to do if they had already played the game before.

Q: The collector’s edition with Eastasiasoft has some very nice inclusions, a lot of detail and care clearly went into it. what made you work with the team to bring the game to physical?

A: Initially we were working completely independently on Reverie until EAS reached out to us. They offered a contract that included physical edition which was very exciting for us. When we started development we would say how cool it would be to get a physical edition done one day so it was very welcome.


Q: Can we expect to see future titles on the Nintendo Switch, any hints at future works ?

A: Switch is definitely a great platform to bring your games too, so you can expect more games from us going there.

Q: Before we go could I ask what has been your favorite Switch game released so far?

A: Collectively, we all like Super Mario Party, it’s a great game for us to play and relax when we aren’t making our own games.

Interview with Tom from Rainbite

Interview by @Morfid_Plays

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