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The Editor: Yesterday Was A Good Day

Yesterday was a very good day.

The Switch Island has now grown from two nonsensical scousers, sat in a tiny spare bedroom trying to talk over the sounds of a crappy boiler in mid-January, to a true bakers dozen of likeminded, genuine, and interesting Nintendo fans.

The reasons for wanting to grow in size are pretty straightforward – we’ve always wanted to share the content we produce and the methodology behind everything we do, with as many content creators and community members as possible. This way, we can have a laugh building something we all love whilst we try to take over the internet [no, not like Kim Kardashian, Steve!].

So, what does each islander actually do?

  • Stephy – @GO_Dark_Turtle – Social Editor
  • Ben – @Benjicong – Video / Pods / Audio
  • Pete – @GcubePreacher – Video / Pods 
  • Rich – @DreamcastBarber – Pods / Written
  • Steve – @StickySimpson – Pods / Video / Discord / Written 
  • Mike – @KennyPressF – Reviews Editor / Video
  • Laurie – @TheEggman64 – Pods / Social / Written
  • Andrew – @Oddment84 – Pods / Written
  • Luke – @Doncoop – Pods / Written / Website 
  • Toby – @Tobys_Take – Pods / Video
  • Patrick – @BacklogOdyssey – Video
  • Jon – @Morfid_plays – Video / Graphics
  • Dan – @DannyWard2707 – Content Editor / Website Editor

Finally, i wanted to share our mission statement with you all. Hopefully it will give you some idea of how we’ve always planned to operate, but more importantly, so that you [our friends and followers] can help champion The Switch Island in the knowledge that we wont divert too heavily away from retaining our authenticity.

Our Mission

No Advertising We use a Patreon model to fund whatever we can

Fun & Authentic Content If we enjoy it, it’s good enough.

Socially The Same Our online voice will be genuine.

As Much Or As LittleOur content creators have time and freedom of expression on the platform

So, thats all from me on a beautiful British Sunday morning. If you’re reading this, truly, welcome to the island. May your stay not be plagued by too many masturbation jokes.


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  1. Really great to see things growing like this and I am very excited for all the extra content this will generate.

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