CrossSection | Do I need a second switch account? Spoiler – you do!

So one of the first things you need to play your switch is a Nintendo account tied to your switch. This gets you access to the store, allows you to add friends for gaming online (like our very own sticky sessions), cloud saves and earn points from your purchases in the eshop. All the things to really enjoy your switch.

So why would I want another one?

There are so many reasons why you would want a second account.

You may want to split the play time of your ‘kids’ on just dance like our own Benji, you could be getting access to games released only in other regions (remember, the switch isn’t region locked!) or you could be hiding all those graphic novels and pant stealing games you love so much like our very own oddment84.

The extra account also has the added the benefit of getting access to sales in other countries. Remember when NBA 19 was like 3 dollars in the US and the UK was still full price? Or when places like PlayAsia (not sponsored) do great deals on euro, dollar or Yen gift cards? Having the second account to apply gift cards to and and buy from makes complete sense.

The final reason you could be utilising that second account is for redeeming all those amazing wins from cool people offering game codes but for another region.

OK, I’m in, how do I do this?

So you’re sold, you want that second account and you’ll be off to twitter shortly. So let’s get going in creating that account.

Head on over to and get creating that account.

Some key things are:

  • It has to be a different email address to the one you have on your normal account. Top tip – if you have and used your email account, use the same one this time but – they’re treated as different emails!
  • You need to set your region to where you want it to be. In this case it’s the USA, so we get win that Luigi’s Mansion code!

Check your emails and make sure you then follow any account activation Nintendo asks you to do to complete the creation.

Next up is creating a switch profile and linking the new account. Go to settings – users – add user

Select a new picture and give it a new name (something obvious like USaccount) and then sign in and link.

Once you’ve selected sign in and link, input your new credentials (in this case our US account we created) and you’re done.

A note to the savvy shopper

Just some key points / things you should know if you’re going to buy from a region not in your location such as the good old blighty (UK).

  • If you buy in a different currency to your bank you may get charged conversion fees. I recommend you have a bank account / card which charges 0 conversion fees
  • You cannot change a Nintendo account location if you have credit on it (gold points do not matter). That’s why having this second account is useful if you’re the type who buys giftcards
  • USA / Canada / Mexico require an American bank / American paypal account. So to buy from there you’d likely need to top it up by a dollar gift card (a UK one wouldn’t work