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eShop Sale – Gems You Need To Purchase


I know I know, you’ve got enough games, you shouldn’t be spending money on yourself so close to christmas. But we also know, when you see some of these gems currently discounted in the eshop, you’ll be reaching for your switch and loading up the eshop. So let’s get straight to the games. 

1. Moonlighter


Price: £29.49 – To £11.24 -50%

Whether you’re into RPGs, roguelikes or sim management games, Moonlighter has something for everyone. You manager your shop by day, selling goods to upgrade your village and also your tools and weapons, while exploring dungeons at night to confront hordes of enemies which also give you loot. So much to do in a game with beautiful pixel art and a beautiful soundtrack

2. State of mind

state of mind

Price: £35.99 – To £12.23 -66%

State of Mind is a futuristic thriller adventure telling a captivating story of two men in a plot which questions life itlself. With around 12-15 hours of gameplay, the 66% off makes this price far more reasonable for what is a story you’ll want to unfold.

3. Assassin’s creed 3

assassins creed 3

Price: £29.99 To £14.99 -50%

One of the great Assassin’s Creed games on your Nintendo Switch. You know the drill as you mix stealth and gun-ho adventure to unfold more of the mythology of the Assassin’s and the Templars. A fantastic price for what is a great remaster.

4. rogue legacy

rogue legacy

Price: £10.99 – To £3.73 -66%

A simple but incredibly well executed take on the roguelike genre, Rogue Legacy sees you explore and battle in Dungeons with witty writing, tight controls and rewarding RPG mechanics. Each time you die, you’re child will suceed you, each with their own skills and oddities. A fantastic game at a steal of a price.

5. the escapists 2

the escapists 2

Price: £19.99 – To £6.79 -66%

Each day lasts around 15 minutes, where you’re goal is to, well, escape of course. Team up with a friend over local co-op or play against each other to see who can get free first. Great for those who need a game for short bursts, with plenty of DLC also available for purchase, this could be that trusty game for when you only have a short time on the switch.

6. reigns: kings and queens / game of thrones

reigns kings and queens

Price:£7.19 / £3.59 – To £3.59 / £1.79 -50%

Reigns allows you to take on that role of a lifetime sitting on the throne. But will you be a benevolent or malevolent monarch as you swipe your royal decrees to the left or the right? If you’re looking for something new to try, we can highly recommend at these prices, whether going for Kings and Queens or the Game of Thrones version.

7. yoku’s island express

yokus island express

Price: £15.99 – To £5.43 -66%

I will put this game on the list until you’ve all bought it. So do it this time while it’s at an all time low and I can stop, OK?!? A metroidvania like no other, it really offers great pinball games throughout to find collectibles, upgrades and defeat bosses. Such a fun game and at this price a no brainer whether you like metroidvanias or not!

8. phantom doctrine

pantom doctrine

Price: £17.99 – To £3.79 -79%

Another tried and tested formula but this time an XCOM style, Phatom Doctrine is a strategic turn-based espionage thriller set at the peak of the cold war. You’re thrust into a mysterious world of covert operations, counterintelligence , conspiracy and paranoia. With around 40 hours of gameplay and at less than £4, this game could give you XCOM fans something new to enjoy.

9. my time at portia

my time at portia

Price: £24.99 – To £14.99 -40%

​Retore your Pa’s neglected workshop to it’s former glory by completing commissions, growing crops, raising animals and befreiending the quirky inhabitants. A game to relieve the stresses of modern life, this a enjoyable and accessible as you craft away in this sim.

10. realpolitiks


Price: £22.49 – To £2.24 -90%

Now this game reviewed pretty bang average, but at 90% off and down to £2.24 it may fill a void for some real time strategy fans out there. You can become a a leader of a contemporary nation and extend your influence by various means such as economics and military power giving you full freedom to decisions, no matter how moral or ethical they are.

11. overcooked 2

overcooked 2

Price: £19.99 – To £11.99 -40%

The high octane sequel to overcooked takes a 40% discount for some extreme co-op culinary delights (or disasters). Either go it alone or go multiplayer with online or couch co-op (4 players), this is a perfect party game with countless hours of fun.

12. milkmaid of the milky way

milkmaid of the milky way

Price: £5.49 – To £1.09 -80%

Now I’m a sucker for pixel art, story based puzzle, super cheap games. So I’ve already downloaded this. Thankfully I’ve found out this is a critically acclaimed point and click like those in the 90s. At only £1.09 this should be a fun game to pass some time over.

13. superhot


Price: £17.99 – To £14.39 -20%

A first person shooter with a twist – time only moves when you do, while you’re outnumbered and outgunned, grabbing weapons from fallen enemies as you shoot, slice and twist through a hurricane of slow motion bullets. Although not the biggest discount, keep an eye on the price around the globe 😉


the messenger

Price: £17.99 – To £10.79 -40%

One of the best 2d action platformers out there, The Messenger sees you as a young ninja venturing through a cursed world to deliver a scroll paramount to his clan’s survival. A love letter to both 8bit and 16 bit games (the attention to detail in how it switches from graphics to music is perfect quite frankly). Listen to older Switch Island podcasts to hear how much we loved this game!

15. lichtspeer: double speer edition


Price: £8.99 – To £0.89 -90%

As is customary, I end on the super cheap, but also a game worthy to be on your switch. Lichtspeer is one to fry the nerves in one of those, just one more level type games. An arcade game with the simple premise….speer them suckas before they get you. I apologise in advance for the rage quits to come.

As always, let us know if you have picked any of these up, or have there been other games which have topped your list? 

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