CrossCast | Ep50: ‘Coldplay is my Favourite Band’ & other Horror Stories

An Englishman, a Mozambican & a Scotsman (and another Scotsman) walk into a bar.

The Englishman lays his Louis Vuitton man purse on the bar and says “I’ve already had 10 pints, and bought 10 rounds for my friends. Altruism”.

The first Scotsman says “Hullo there! I’ll have something from Stewart Brewing, it’s just around the corner from me”.

The second Scotsman says “I’ll get this, guys. I made 20G this month!”. The barman then explains that Gamerscore is not legal tender.

Finally, the Mozambican sighs and says “Guys, I’m new around here and though I’m sure whoever is writing this finds these in-jokes hilarious, I don’t think I or anyone else will find it remotely funny. If anything, it seems like you’ve just written this elaborate description to cover up the fact that you haven’t even listened to this episode and have no idea what Lewis, Dan, Alex and Patrick (hey, that’s me!) talked about.”

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