CrossCast | Ep51: Starfox 64: Robert Mugabe’s Teste

Dear listener,

We’ve had a number of complaints* that our episode titles have nothing to do with the games we talk about on the episode, which puts us in an awkward position.

On one hand, listener feedback is crucial to us. We are nothing without you.

On the other hand, if somebody told Leonardo da Vinci to paint a speech bubble coming out of the Mona Lisa’s mouth so we knew what she was smirking about, he’d have told them to fuck off.

But that makes it sound like we’re putting ourselves on the same level as a master of Italian Renaissance art, and even though it’s true, we are far too humble to make that comparison in public.

So instead we thought “what would Jesus do?” and we realised that after he’d thanked us for blessing the world with our art, he would probably say “I dunno, just put a game in the episode title as well as your usual shite”.

And thus ‘Starfox 64: Robert Mugabe’s Teste’ was born.

Thanks for listening.

*Zero. The number is zero.

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