CrossCast | Ep58 – I’m a Cheeky Sausage

Cheeky sausages all round! This episode is hosted by four of them:

Alex, the good old dependable Scottish square sausage.

Lewis, as above except he calls it a Lorne sausage because he’s posh-Scottish.

Dan, a battered sausage from the chippy, smothered in gravy, curry sauce and the tears of a vegan child.

Mark, who was confused by the concept of sausages and instead dressed up as Linda McCartney.

Anyway, this is a video game podcast, but please still give it a listen if you found it by searching for podcasts about sausages.

We really appreciate you taking the time to listen to our nonsense, if you’d also like to view the nonsense as it happens please head over to every Thursday night to watch us live, or to catch up on previous episodes.

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